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Every day we help clients obtain the best loans in Oakville in order to finance their properties. My team provides specialized home-buying and refinancing services, and our approach is focused on addressing their needs and financial situations throughout the entire real estate financing process. My team is experienced, trustworthy, and always reachable. No matter the question, we are here to provide answers.

Walters Paul

Linda takes pride in the relationship that she has with her clients, she is passionate about her team and believes in raising the standard in the industry.

Her wealth of knowledge in the Financial Services Industry led her to become an 

underwriter for one of Canada's largest banks. This proved to be an essential asset when transitioning over as a Mortgage Agent in 2013.

The exemplary client experience and work ethic has always been a part of Linda’s core values. Being able to change with the markets has been the key for her in offering her clients a holistic financial solution. Linda has access to over 60 lenders and hundreds of programs to choose from. Her passion for self education turned into  sharing her knowledge and experience with like minded talented agents who are on her team today. Through a Team atmosphere and a collaboration of learning, each agent has been able to develop their full potential. Linda is proud to lead a team of exceptional agents that are dedicate to professional excellence.


Jennifer worked in digital media for 15 years and she always knew that there was  an entrepreneurial drive in her that she had to pursue. Having had many personal experiences with mortgages and home buying/selling Jennifer knows that she can identify with her clients and she is committed to making the journey as stress free as possible. 

Jennifer has a positive attitude towards everything she does, she is driven and determined in helping all her clients explore the best options for their mortgage needs and future goals.

Jennifer is a proud mother of 3 busy little ones and 2 fur children.  With a love for the outdoors, Jennifer wishes it was summer every day!

Marta Ostrowska

Marta believes in honesty, fairness, and integrity. Prior to joining the Linda Walters Team, Marta worked for one of Canada's biggest banks as a Financial Service Manager, Investment Lender, and a Mortgage Specialist. It the 20 plus years of experience that Marta has in the Financial Service Industry that allows her to think outside of the box. Marta provides her clients with a professional level of service, alternatives and a broader range of options to work with.

Marta works closely with other professionals, such as real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, and financial planners. Selecting the right mortgage is one of the most important financial and emotional life decisions an individual will make. Rates are not always the most important factor and questions, such as "Do you have the right mortgage to achieve your financial goals?", are often not asked. Marta will assess your personal situation and present you

with customized options to suit your individual needs.


James was born and raised in Hamilton and today James and his family are proud to call the village of Binbrook their home. James is a loving father of three, a devoted husband and is passionate about helping people. James has a love for Italian Food, Boating, Fishing and the Great Outdoors.

James is committed, and dedicated to eliminate the stressful part of the transaction for you, James is loyal and compassionate in life and his work.

"It gives me Great Satisfaction when I Help people and their Families reach their Financial Goals."

James has access to a Large Network of Lenders including Canada's largest, plus NON/BANK Mortgage Lenders, who are ONLY accessible by a Mortgage Agent.

James areas of Service are Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Binbrook, Haldimand County into Niagara.

Certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor.

Certified CHIP Reverse Mortgage Specialist. 


Richard is an experienced and knowledgeable Mortgage Broker who brings a wealth of life experience to his role in getting you approved for a mortgage. 


Over the past 5 years Richard has helped first time buyers purchase their new home. As well as supporting families who have used the equity in their home to purchase a vacation home or income (rental) property. He has been particularly successful helping families consolidate other high interest consumer debt (credit cards) into a their mortgage, saving them thousands of dollars in interest and enabling their credit scores to improve! 

Stacy Jones

Prior to joining the team, Stacy spent 20 years in the dental industry. It's this experience that has that has helped shape and prepared her for this exciting chapter in her professional career.

"First class service and advice is what I’ve learned and and it’s my pleasure to help my clients achieve their home ownership and real estate goals with the same professionalism, dependability and integrity."

Stacey has access to over 60 lenders and will ensure to find the best customized solution for her clients, whether their needs are simple and straight forward or if they require a more complex solution.  

Andleeb Oneid

To be a homeowner may seem like a dream and the process may seem hard. It certainly can be, but not to worry, Andleeb has got your back! She patiently explains the process and options, so that financing a home can be an uneventful and even enjoyable experience.

Andleeb believes that there’s a suitable solution for every buyer. She can find you the unique product for your needs and offer sound advice. She engages homebuyers personally, answering questions and providing objective advice so they can make confident and well informed decisions.

Raffi Kaloustian

Raffi is a born and raised Hamiltonian, living most of his life on the West Mountain. Graduating from the McKeil School of Business with Honors, he started his career in a Financial Institution in 2016, quickly climbing the ranks and managing two offices. 


Raffi is a serial entrepreneur, and has run several businesses in his life, which has given him the drive to pursue his career in the mortgage industry. Raffi joined the Mortgage Moguls/Mortgage Architects team in 2019 providing him more flexibility, not only in his own life, but more importantly with the options he is able to provide to his amazing clients. Loyalty, integrity, and honesty are three nouns that best describe his work ethic. Despite being located in Hamilton, Raffi has funded many deals all over Ontario, ranging from Brantford, to Niagara, and up to North York.


When Raffi isn't working on your deals, he enjoys spending time staying active, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends. 


Raffi specializes in First Time Home Buyers, and has extensive knowledge in debt consolidation plans, through refinancing.


 "Your best interest, is my top priority".

Melissa Ramlochan

Born and raised as a true Torontonian, Melissa Ramlochan worked with various Mortgage Positions from banks and brokerages, to lenders and appraisals, over 15 years. 

Always understood the value of hard work and dedication. As a new addition to Mogul Mortgages/Mortgage Architects Team, her expertise will make her clients and peers feel at ease, as well as her ability to think outside the box has earned her a stellar reputation among all. 


While she is not busy helping clients  Melissa has accepted the Board position to help preserve the roots and traditions of the Caribbean in the face of diaspora dilution and create a platform for the next generation of Caribbean-Canadians.   

Josie Giannola

Josie Giannola offers dynamic real estate mentorship during the mortgage process.


A mortgage ‘designer’ at heart, Josie has a 23-year history in personally renovating, designing and staging homes for profit. This allows her to offer a unique coaching to her clients where her personal knowledge of obtaining mortgages and experience of the “know how’ in the industry means you are in great hands throughout the mortgage process.


Josie is a graduate of McMaster University with a degree in Political Science but went on to explore a diverse career in coaching, consulting, business ownership and finance. She started her mortgage career at Td Canada Trust as a Mobile Mortgage Specialist and then moved on to Mortgage Architects where she felt she had the right vehicle to help clients achieve their financial goals through real estate.


A Hamiltonian at heart, Josie prides herself in being an active member of her community as a Chamber of Commerce Member, LeadTribes Member as well as many philanthropic activities she is truly passionate about. Josie has a sincere energy to her that always encompasses true passion for her clients!  A business woman with empathetic flair!

Juanita Heidebrecht


Juanita helps people, such as yourself, find money towards the purchase of a home; refinance their mortgage, or help with their debt consolidation needs. She has personal experience with mortgages, and buying and selling homes.


In Juanita's previous life in the IT industry, she has lots of experience evaluating situations and providing paths to solutions. This is the sort of expertise Juanita provides for her clients today with mortgages. Juanita's goal for clients is for them to feel financially comfortable living in their homes. That's why selecting the right mortgage is important, not only for your immediate needs and also for your long term financial plans.


Juanita works closely with many professionals such as Financial Advisors/Planners, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Estate Professionals, and many more, in order to make your experience as stress-free, smooth, and beneficial as possible. Juanita has access to over 60 lenders and hundreds of programs to better serve her clients; and with that in mind, she is able to offer specialized solutions for her clients.


Juanita is a mother, avid reader, and passionate about dogs.

Mike Robinson


Having worked in the mortgage industry since 2006, I have come to understand that an independent mortgage agent has the unique ability to help our clients in ways that the banks cannot. We have a wider selection of products that can help you no matter where you are in life, or what curveballs life may have thrown you.


My goal is to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. I will be there to help you, not only now, but anytime you need it.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family watching movie or playing games, attending sporting events, camping and pretty much doing anything outdoors.

Julie Virgilio

Client focused, results driven.

Securing a mortgage can be time consuming and stressful. Many don’t realize that mortgage products can be quite complex and that there are many different types of decisions to make. As a mortgage professional, it’s my job to research the market for you and arrange the mortgage financing that meets your needs so you save time, energy and money.

My goal is to enable and empower all of my clients through knowledge and education so they can make the best mortgage choice.

As your Mortgage Professional, I will:

  • Provide maximum flexibility in financing choices.

  • Provide you with peace-of-mind.

  • Simplify the process for you.

  • Negotiate lowest rates on your behalf.

  • Give you efficient and highly personalized service at your convenience.

  • Always be available as our relationship is a partnership.

My decision to pursue a career in mortgages came after having experienced the exceptional service, expertise and advice of a Mortgage Agent.  With the help of this knowledgeable agent, I was able to grow a successful rental investment portfolio in a short period of time. I pride myself as an experienced property investor specializing in the BRRR strategy (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat) I have many personal experiences with mortgages, refinancing, home buying and selling. Whether you are just starting out or have an existing investment portfolio, I would love the opportunity to work with you!

I can help you with:

  • Residential Property Financing

  • Residential Investment Property Financing

  • Mortgage Refinancing and Equity Take Out Solutions

  • Mortgages and Financing solutions for the Self Employed

  • Multi Residential and Commercial Property Financing

  • Private Capital

  • Construction Financing


Whether you are a first time homebuyer, looking to build wealth through real estate, self- employed and need lending solutions to invest, purchase or refinance a residence or a seasoned investor, I can help. I work with clients across Ontario and have solid relationships with many lenders in the industry including banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders.

I am a client focused, results driven mortgage professional working for you. Contact me today, let’s get started! 

(905) 608-3855

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